2017-2018    FIRST CRACK, still to be confirmed




8:10am         Miriam

9ish               Hannah

10                   Fae (or any day/time)

2:15-2:45    FREE

2:45             Seegal kids

3:30pm        Buziak Girls

4:45-5:30pm    Nava (except last Monday of each month)

5:30-6  Isabel  (except last Monday of each month)



7am             Akasha

8:00am        Kai       

3-4:30pm    Gavi & Bodi

4:30-5:15pm    Ruby F

5:15-6pm        Hannah F



6:50am         Raquel

8am              Mei

2-2:30           Moses C  (every other week or every week..)   

2:30-3:15       Lottie & Abby (every other week or every week...)

3:15-4            Maya & Leo

4                      Clio/ Corinna: rotate every other week

4:30                Fred

5:15pm           Meliya

5:45-6:30pm    Alana



7am        Nat and Maud

9am         Kathy B.

11am        Lauren

3:15         Pippa

4:15         Vivian/ Lila

5:30-6:15pm     Emma



7am        Moses’ lesson at Kathy’s

8am        Mei

8:30am   Tioga, Sonora and Drew

10am        Pre-school classes


7:45am        Viola

8:30am        Mia and Zooey

9:15              Ruby

9:45              Isabel

10:15-12:15  Moses time

12:15        CLASSES: See Schedule

1                   Betsy and Logan

1:45pm        Hawa

2:15pm        Max/Angie

3:30             Sebastian

4- 4:45        Jasmin

4:45pm        Myles

5:30             Connel


SATURDAY 6pm or SUNDAY afternoon, as scheduled

        Grout kids