Wonderful that you are ready to start this musical journey with your children!
My name is Becky and I've been teaching for 21 years with the Suzuki Method.  Here in Berkeley, I also perform a bit and have been developing ideas about improvising and composition with students of all ages.  At my studio, we use the Suzuki Method books in private classes and students also enjoy time in group classes to learn with their peers. 
A quick summary of the Suzuki Method:
Dr. Suzuki believed that all children learn at their own pace with nurturing from their parents and by learning music as a language.  This entails lots of parent guidance: attendance/note taking at all lessons, daily practice at the piano and commitment to observations.  Also, children must be listening to the CD of the pieces they will be learning A LOT!  This gets the music in their ear so it can come out of their fingers! 
Beginning Lessons:
1)  Attend a Beginning Parent Meeting.
2)  Attend with child a lesson observation that following week.  I will teach a class and you and your children will watch.  Questions to follow.
3)  Decide if we're a good match and you'd like to join the program!
4)  The first two months of lessons are in the form observations and group classes before you begin private classes.  You and your child will come observe a student during the week and then on Saturday the new students (with parents) will take the Twinkler group class.  This will get them started at the instrument while learning lots and lots and lots by watching the other child in his/her class.
5)  FIRST CLASS!  Their first private lessons will be in November.  With great group and observation preparation, it will be an easy and exciting day for all!!
If all of this meets your expectations of piano lessons, contact me at this email to confirm and talk more about scheduling etc.